Peace Meditation for Syria – my thoughts.

On 1st February James Twyman hosted another Peace Vigil/Meditation/Prayer group for Syria.  He did almost the exact same in August 2013 which was closely followed by some of the worst bombings seen in Syria. At the time James acknowledged this briefly and asked for comments on what had happened.  I amongst many many others wrote about the need to Love All and not get involved with peace in this way that separates us from the terrorist or war mongers.  Our efforts were not heard apparently because once again James has called us to ‘fight terrorism’.

I know that the intention is to end suffering but as James has been doing these in this same way for many years with no real effect I do think it is time to have a change of energy.  Below is a reply I wrote on Facebook to a conversation this last weekend on the post by Greg Braden asking us to join the meditation.  I received some beautiful responses and as one person said ‘the difference may seem subtle’ I know the results are profound.

‘If we can begin with the understanding that everything is energy vibrating at different frequencies including our thoughts and emotions. This energy in it’s purest form that we as humans can understand or experience is what is termed as unconditional love. This is benevolent and supports all our efforts that are for the greater good of all and is not an emotion but a state of being, this is the place inside each of us that is at peace always, even if we are unaware of it. It is what joins us as one energy with no separation. When we experience our thoughts they are translated into emotions – energy in motion – we then impact our environment and everyone else with that energy in motion vibration. When we are awake, aware and heart centred our thoughts are predominately benevolent and we impact the world in a positive way, however if our thoughts separate us from others as in ‘them and us’, or they are conflict focussed, angry, jealous, self righteous, needing power over others, then those are predominately malevolent and will harm others and ourselves just with their vibration. We have all entered a room and ‘felt’ an uncomfortable atmosphere, that is a negative vibration affecting us. So to sending peace in a meditation. James talked of fighting terrorism and immediately we know that those thoughts separate us from terrorists, the them and us scenario. Sending peace is rather like putting a bandaid on an oozing boil, it doesn’t reach the root of the dis-ease causing the eruption. Any one person who is fighting whether at home in a domestic sense with a partner or child or parent or in the bigger sense at war with others is not awake aware or heart centred BUT they do carry that same spark of light/unconditional love and just are not able to see or access it. So when we see ALL others as part of the big US we can view them with a benevolent emotion compassion and choose to show them what their light/heart looks like in the easiest way which is to reflect it back to them. This takes commitment on the part of those already awake to heart centred living to see everyone with the same compassion. The boil that is a terrorist is just like me but has no idea that the pain that sends their energy into motion destroys rather than changes anything. Peace is an inside job that only each individual can access for themselves once they realise it is there. I would suggest that heart centred people who already have as little conflict in their personal lives as possible visualise heart centres in every human being connected with this beautiful benevolent unconditional love/light with no intention to do anything other than be the mirror for those unaware to see the light inside themselves. This conscious heart centre focus needs to be towards everyone as a collective otherwise we once again separate ourselves and cause discomfort instead of ease. I trust that this makes sense and you feel the profound difference in this approach. If you want to experience what this feels like just consciously connect your heart centred unconditional energy to someone who makes you feel uncomfortable or is in distress and just watch what happens.’

You and I


You and I
We are the softest breeze
And the ragged seas.
We are the gentle rain
And the hurricane.
We are the rolling green landscape
And the tectonic plates.
We are sunbeams and dust motes
And the great rivers’ boats.
We are the delicate flowers
And the red wood towers.
We are nations and potions
And the colours of rainbows.
We are fluffy clouds
And the majestic mounts.
We are volcanoes and earthquakes
And seasons breaks.
We are beauty and light
And the stars shining bright.
We are moonbeams and planets
And spiders and hornets.
We are Jack Frost and dry deserts
And grasslands and forests.
We are people of hues
And the sky of blues.
We are tender shoots
And new born life.
We are death and dying
And rebirth and growth.
We are all that is
We are all there is.
You and I

Ann Denman 2015

I want you to know…….

…..That I Love You

Each of us in this human form right now has a light within us that will never go out.

When I meet you, and it doesn’t matter how that happens face to face or just hearing your name or seeing it written, I recognise you.  You are each part of our family and we are so connected that I cannot help but feel love for you.

I want you to know you are loved and that I care deeply about you.

You see I recognise that light in you that reflects the light in me and even if you don’t realise right now that you have a light I will show you how brilliantly you can shine just by loving you.

I have suffered and I have made others suffer with my thoughtlessness and my crass ways; I am far from perfect just like you; I make mistakes and lose my way; when I forget to feel my light I fall into the darkness of being ‘asleep’ .

But when I remember how much I love you and how deeply I care about you; when I fire up my compassion and empathy; when I feel the joy and laughter and I share these with you then we all find our lights shining more brightly into the dark places.


Are You A Love Worrier?

Excessive caution destroys the soul and the heart, 
because living is an act of courage, and an act of courage is always
 an act of love.  Manuscript Found in Accra - Paulo Coelho

Do you use your worry as the blade of ‘responsibility for them’ in the battle to protect the ones you love from your worst fears?

Do you honestly think and feel that if you do not worry then your love is diminished?

Do you say to yourself and others ‘I only worry because I love and care for her/him/them so much’?

Do you judge others by thinking that if they don’t worry they can’t love as much or as well as you do?

Do you know that if you don’t worry for them then some harm may befall your loved one/s?

Do you know that if you don’t fight their corner with your blade of worry then they will suffer in some way?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of those then you are a love worrier.

Love and fear are the opposite ends of the spectrum of emotions.  When we worry we are near the fear end and there will be a fear underlying our worry.  When we are being Love Worriers it is usually to do with keeping the people we love or care about safe with our worry; we make their safety, wellness, sobriety, solvency or whatever our responsibility.


Fear is a dependency and when we worry about a loved one then we are depending on them to actually keep US safe from loss or pain; or we worry and enlist others to uphold our worry and do the blade running for us but in doing so keep US safe.  This actually dis-empowers the very person we are trying to help as well as ourselves.  We hold them in our energy of fear which can become a rut forever going round and round and round until it becomes the self-prophecy of doom, pain and loss.


When we worry about  a loved one who is driving to their home away from us and we say

‘Please phone or text me to let me know you’ve arrived,(said or unsaid –  ‘I won’t settle till I know you are safely home’).’

what we are actually saying is

‘I don’t trust you to stay safe’.

We may justify it by saying it’s not him/her but the others on the road who could be a danger but ultimately it is us that we want to keep safe from having to experience the pain or loss from them not staying safe.  If we have made sure they know how to drive and to know all the safety issues that they may need in an emergency then we have done our job.  When we can let go of the worry and let them know that we trust them to do what is right, and know that they will be safe, then they are free to be safe and not led by our fear.

‘Have a good drive home, speak to you soon, I love you.’

What would that feel like to hear compared to the first?  It is empowering: it is saying I trust you to look after yourself and I love you, be free.

 And in that moment of surrendering your worry you become

A Love Warrior.  How sweet and joyous is that?

A quick word about worry in general

Worry in itself, about ourselves or something we need to do, has a good reason to be in our awareness.  It causes action of some kind and if we create a worry list then worry becomes a thing that is transient at most.

 A worry list is a list of worries in three catergories –

1.       Things I’m worried about that I can do something about right NOW = end of worry.  E.G. I have to write a difficult letter and I can do it right now and cross it off the list.

2.       Things that I’m worrying about that need doing at a date in the future = STOP worrying NOW and in the future put it into list 1.  E.G. I have to write a difficult letter next month, I will stop worrying now and when the time comes I will put it in list 1 and write the letter immediately.

3.       Things I’m worrying about that I have no power to change myself = STOP and send universal love and healing to the situation.  E.G. Radioactive contamination from Japan is going to travel through the ocean and poison us all, send love and healing to Japan and the ocean.

Number 1  you do right now and then the worry has gone.

Number 2  you stop worrying until the the ‘thing’ moves to number 1 and then you do whatever is needed and the worry has no place to be.

Number 3  is to do with issues outside of yourself that you have no power over at all such as what  other people do or their issues, world issues of war, famine, ecology, financial institutions etc.etc.  In the moment that worry arises in this category let it go immediately and send love/healing/light or just plain good thoughts of happiness for an outcome that is of benefit to all.

Worrying is not love or care or helpful when it lasts for more than a moment or two.  Be kind to yourself and let go of being a worrier and if you happen to be one of those people who are happiest when you are worrying then ….. be happy.

My love to you all.

For giving and for getting

We are born for giving and for getting(receiving). 

The way the Universe works is the more we give the more we get(receive).

If we are unable to forgive and forget, firstly ourselves and our deeds and then others and theirs, then we remain  bleeding and weeping from the wounds of our pain.

When we can take apart our pain in layers, gently and purposefully removing the emotional wounds we find our freedom, compassion and peace.  This is when forgiveness comes with ease; when we finally understand that unless we decide we are for giving we cannot decide we are for getting.

True forgiveness begets true forgetting.  Simple ♥

wallpaper 124

God, Life’s Purpose, Floods and the Bible……

Yesterday two Jehovah’s Witness men came to my door asking if I believed in God, did I think we were here for a purpose and how I viewed the Bible?  The man who was doing the speaking also went on to ask how I felt about the floods on the news and seemed far more interested in what he needed to convey than my answers to his questions.  I was unable to discuss this with them to any great extent as I had visitors already in my home.  My answers to those four questions on the day were –

  •   Yes I believe in God or whatever other word anyone may wish to call that energy that is greater than the sum of ‘all that is’ and which we are all part of; just as an individual grain of sand is part of a beach or an individual crumb is part of a cake.  God is not out there but within us and everything.
  •   I believe that my purpose is to remember that Love is all we need; that each of us is part of the Divine Love that is God, The Creator, The Universe, Jehovah ……….; that when we share from a place of love then great joy and peace can be found.
  •  The Bible is a story book, one of the many voices of Universal Wisdom and because of much translation probably does not convey the complete accuracy of the authors’/creators’ intention.
  • I do not watch news programmes or read newspapers generally as I choose not to invite negativity into my experience.  If and when I am aware of disasters, natural or manmade, war or illness then I choose to open my heart and send love to all experiencing suffering and hardship as well as any perpetrators.  That way I am not adding to their suffering with my tears, pain, frustration or anger.

These answers were out of necessity short but what was interesting was the reactions of the two men.  The elder of the two men who had his arms around a young boy of about six or seven smiled, gave me eye contact the whole time and nodded and said that I seemed happy with my life whereas the other man was intent on giving his message via the pages in his pamphlet and gave me short bursts of eye contact in between choosing his next page/leaflet to show me.  The man with the ‘message’ asked if he could come back and discuss the Bible with me another time.  I said I would be delighted which I think took him aback but I will wait and see if he returns.

I was 14 years old when I decided that organised religion was too narrow for me.  What I have chosen after many hours of meditation and soul searching is to be at peace with where I am and also where others are too.

Remembering never ends and is a constant adventure.

What I have remembered will serve me well if this man returns with his Bible for we are all connected and can work together in this human experience.  Many times in our history and in modern times wars have been fought because there are different beliefs and religious fervours separating us from each other.  This is not how this world is meant to be. 

I can only show what I know by being the Love I remember and  helping others feel my acceptance of where they are in their remembering.  This does not mean I will not discuss my own beliefs just that I will choose not to preach it as the right way and make others’ the wrong way because that is where separation surely holds us in its grip.

So I will accept and love the Jehovah’s Witness as my soul brother and I will pray that he always has peace in his heart and understands that separation by whatever means is the manmade dis-ease of this world of unity. 

I send my love to you all ♥♥♥

You Are A Love Particle

A friend reminded me recently of a time in my past when I loved despite what happened to me in a difficult relationship.

Love never dies and one of the reasons we feel such pain when a relationship is ending or has ended is that we think we should stop loving that person who caused us to suffer.

Love just is; it doesn’t excuse the behaviour or the whys but it keeps us safe in the knowledge that we are greater than those things that caused the break-up.

So love as you’ve never loved before for  you are a particle of that Love that is the Creator, God, Jehovah or whatever word you would like to use there, and just because Love is all there is. ♥♥♥


Peace is not always a calm place, peace can be dynamic and fun filled too.

Peace is the opposite of troubled and when we can go through and see life from an inner peaceful perspective born from our own awareness and conscious living then we experience life in glorious HD technicolour.

I love you all.

Did you know………?

You don’t have to be great to get started

but you have to get started to be great.

  • Each of us is perfect, none of us is broken, no-one needs fixing, we are all enlightened beings.

I will keep telling you that you are deserving, loving, important, intelligent, worthy, compassionate, beautiful, creative, strong, brave, true and inspiring until you finally know it for yourself.

  • Life here as a human is a Soul choice to experience contrast not separation.

To remember who you are you need to forget who everyone has ever told you to be.

  • Life is a journey, constantly moving forward into expansion.

How would your life change if you decided you didn’t need fixing?

  • The destination is not necessarily important, the way we feel on the way is.

If you’re waiting for a sign, this is IT.

  • If we do what we love in every area of our life the journey is happy and joyful.

Do more of what makes you happy every day.

  • Being aware, conscious, awake, and enlightened are all states of mind and body that describe being on a deliberate journey.

“The intellect has little to do on the journey to discovery.  There comes a leap in consciousness, call it intuition or what you will, the solution comes to you and you don’t know how or why.”  Albert Einstein

  • Every moment of every day we are actively creating what is showing up in our lives. 

Your inner voice will either become a loving friend or your worst enemy….you decide.

  • NOTHING happens or shows up without our choosing it….

Everything you need will show up at the perfect time.

  • …… when negative things show up it is to remind us of the contrast we are here to experience.

Forgive our self for not knowing what we didn’t know before we learned it.

  • The contrast between things that we see helps us to know what we want.

Believe you can and you’re halfway there.

  • When we choose our thoughts deliberately and with awareness our lives will change for the better.

When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge.