I want you to know…….

…..That I Love You

Each of us in this human form right now has a light within us that will never go out.

When I meet you, and it doesn’t matter how that happens face to face or just hearing your name or seeing it written, I recognise you.  You are each part of our family and we are so connected that I cannot help but feel love for you.

I want you to know you are loved and that I care deeply about you.

You see I recognise that light in you that reflects the light in me and even if you don’t realise right now that you have a light I will show you how brilliantly you can shine just by loving you.

I have suffered and I have made others suffer with my thoughtlessness and my crass ways; I am far from perfect just like you; I make mistakes and lose my way; when I forget to feel my light I fall into the darkness of being ‘asleep’ .

But when I remember how much I love you and how deeply I care about you; when I fire up my compassion and empathy; when I feel the joy and laughter and I share these with you then we all find our lights shining more brightly into the dark places.


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