You and I


You and I
We are the softest breeze
And the ragged seas.
We are the gentle rain
And the hurricane.
We are the rolling green landscape
And the tectonic plates.
We are sunbeams and dust motes
And the great rivers’ boats.
We are the delicate flowers
And the red wood towers.
We are nations and potions
And the colours of rainbows.
We are fluffy clouds
And the majestic mounts.
We are volcanoes and earthquakes
And seasons breaks.
We are beauty and light
And the stars shining bright.
We are moonbeams and planets
And spiders and hornets.
We are Jack Frost and dry deserts
And grasslands and forests.
We are people of hues
And the sky of blues.
We are tender shoots
And new born life.
We are death and dying
And rebirth and growth.
We are all that is
We are all there is.
You and I

Ann Denman 2015