Peace Meditation for Syria – my thoughts.

On 1st February James Twyman hosted another Peace Vigil/Meditation/Prayer group for Syria.  He did almost the exact same in August 2013 which was closely followed by some of the worst bombings seen in Syria. At the time James acknowledged this briefly and asked for comments on what had happened.  I amongst many many others wrote about the need to Love All and not get involved with peace in this way that separates us from the terrorist or war mongers.  Our efforts were not heard apparently because once again James has called us to ‘fight terrorism’.

I know that the intention is to end suffering but as James has been doing these in this same way for many years with no real effect I do think it is time to have a change of energy.  Below is a reply I wrote on Facebook to a conversation this last weekend on the post by Greg Braden asking us to join the meditation.  I received some beautiful responses and as one person said ‘the difference may seem subtle’ I know the results are profound.

‘If we can begin with the understanding that everything is energy vibrating at different frequencies including our thoughts and emotions. This energy in it’s purest form that we as humans can understand or experience is what is termed as unconditional love. This is benevolent and supports all our efforts that are for the greater good of all and is not an emotion but a state of being, this is the place inside each of us that is at peace always, even if we are unaware of it. It is what joins us as one energy with no separation. When we experience our thoughts they are translated into emotions – energy in motion – we then impact our environment and everyone else with that energy in motion vibration. When we are awake, aware and heart centred our thoughts are predominately benevolent and we impact the world in a positive way, however if our thoughts separate us from others as in ‘them and us’, or they are conflict focussed, angry, jealous, self righteous, needing power over others, then those are predominately malevolent and will harm others and ourselves just with their vibration. We have all entered a room and ‘felt’ an uncomfortable atmosphere, that is a negative vibration affecting us. So to sending peace in a meditation. James talked of fighting terrorism and immediately we know that those thoughts separate us from terrorists, the them and us scenario. Sending peace is rather like putting a bandaid on an oozing boil, it doesn’t reach the root of the dis-ease causing the eruption. Any one person who is fighting whether at home in a domestic sense with a partner or child or parent or in the bigger sense at war with others is not awake aware or heart centred BUT they do carry that same spark of light/unconditional love and just are not able to see or access it. So when we see ALL others as part of the big US we can view them with a benevolent emotion compassion and choose to show them what their light/heart looks like in the easiest way which is to reflect it back to them. This takes commitment on the part of those already awake to heart centred living to see everyone with the same compassion. The boil that is a terrorist is just like me but has no idea that the pain that sends their energy into motion destroys rather than changes anything. Peace is an inside job that only each individual can access for themselves once they realise it is there. I would suggest that heart centred people who already have as little conflict in their personal lives as possible visualise heart centres in every human being connected with this beautiful benevolent unconditional love/light with no intention to do anything other than be the mirror for those unaware to see the light inside themselves. This conscious heart centre focus needs to be towards everyone as a collective otherwise we once again separate ourselves and cause discomfort instead of ease. I trust that this makes sense and you feel the profound difference in this approach. If you want to experience what this feels like just consciously connect your heart centred unconditional energy to someone who makes you feel uncomfortable or is in distress and just watch what happens.’

One thought on “Peace Meditation for Syria – my thoughts.

  1. I appreciate all that you say and the spirit the universal love that you put forth… and… that is time for a change of energy 🙂 (my spiritual beliefs, too, are not based in organised religion) I love Gregg Braden’s work… Have you read his book, “The Science of Compassion” or watched his video on The 7 Mirrors of the Essenes… which is actually extracted from the book? Btw, I have some tuning forks from sound healer Jonathan Goldman… who has spoken of the Moses Code.. and worked w Gregg on The Divine Name I AM, A CD that Jonathan put forth and about which Wayne Dyer said: “It’s like meditating while being cradled in the arms of God.” 🙂 (I’ve heard of James Twyman… and I know it’s not about “agreement”…I want to understand… in the same way I want to understand my own shadow side) Namaste x


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