You and I


You and I
We are the softest breeze
And the ragged seas.
We are the gentle rain
And the hurricane.
We are the rolling green landscape
And the tectonic plates.
We are sunbeams and dust motes
And the great rivers’ boats.
We are the delicate flowers
And the red wood towers.
We are nations and potions
And the colours of rainbows.
We are fluffy clouds
And the majestic mounts.
We are volcanoes and earthquakes
And seasons breaks.
We are beauty and light
And the stars shining bright.
We are moonbeams and planets
And spiders and hornets.
We are Jack Frost and dry deserts
And grasslands and forests.
We are people of hues
And the sky of blues.
We are tender shoots
And new born life.
We are death and dying
And rebirth and growth.
We are all that is
We are all there is.
You and I

Ann Denman 2015

I want you to know…….

…..That I Love You

Each of us in this human form right now has a light within us that will never go out.

When I meet you, and it doesn’t matter how that happens face to face or just hearing your name or seeing it written, I recognise you.  You are each part of our family and we are so connected that I cannot help but feel love for you.

I want you to know you are loved and that I care deeply about you.

You see I recognise that light in you that reflects the light in me and even if you don’t realise right now that you have a light I will show you how brilliantly you can shine just by loving you.

I have suffered and I have made others suffer with my thoughtlessness and my crass ways; I am far from perfect just like you; I make mistakes and lose my way; when I forget to feel my light I fall into the darkness of being ‘asleep’ .

But when I remember how much I love you and how deeply I care about you; when I fire up my compassion and empathy; when I feel the joy and laughter and I share these with you then we all find our lights shining more brightly into the dark places.


For giving and for getting

We are born for giving and for getting(receiving). 

The way the Universe works is the more we give the more we get(receive).

If we are unable to forgive and forget, firstly ourselves and our deeds and then others and theirs, then we remain  bleeding and weeping from the wounds of our pain.

When we can take apart our pain in layers, gently and purposefully removing the emotional wounds we find our freedom, compassion and peace.  This is when forgiveness comes with ease; when we finally understand that unless we decide we are for giving we cannot decide we are for getting.

True forgiveness begets true forgetting.  Simple ♥

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Universal Law

When we are individually happy, joyful and at peace we contribute the greatest gift to this planet, humanity and ourselves.

Universal Law is working perfectly in all our lives. It is the way of energy flow and, as Einstein proved all those years ago, everything is energy in constant movement or vibration allowing it to be seen or felt dependent on the rate of vibration.

The misconception often is that it (Law of Attraction) only relates to positives.

Whatever the energy of our thoughts, words and deeds will determine what we attract whether they are negatives or positives.  We are totally responsible for what we see and experience in our own individual world.

When we completely understand that Universal Law and learn how to use it to our advantage, it is the beginning of our journey to personal awareness and consciousness.

It is only then that we can become creative in our desires, always remembering that the Universe supports those desires that are for the ultimate ‘good of all’.

When more negative things happen or are experienced we can learn to look inside and see what thoughts of lack we may have been thinking that created it.  These are usually ‘back stories’ that our mind subconsciously repeats.

The contrast that we will always experience here is just that – no-one is doing bad things per se – we need those ‘less than’ experiences so that we can choose what we want more wisely.

When we can learn to experience the difficult times as sign posts which show us where our thinking has gone ‘off track’ we find we can no longer blame.  We find compassion for the situation that has shown us the way.  We can forgive ourselves for not deliberately thinking, and that is the power of personal realisation and true peace of mind.

When we are individually happy, joyful and at peace we contribute the greatest gift to this planet, humanity and ourselves.