God, Life’s Purpose, Floods and the Bible……

Yesterday two Jehovah’s Witness men came to my door asking if I believed in God, did I think we were here for a purpose and how I viewed the Bible?  The man who was doing the speaking also went on to ask how I felt about the floods on the news and seemed far more interested in what he needed to convey than my answers to his questions.  I was unable to discuss this with them to any great extent as I had visitors already in my home.  My answers to those four questions on the day were –

  •   Yes I believe in God or whatever other word anyone may wish to call that energy that is greater than the sum of ‘all that is’ and which we are all part of; just as an individual grain of sand is part of a beach or an individual crumb is part of a cake.  God is not out there but within us and everything.
  •   I believe that my purpose is to remember that Love is all we need; that each of us is part of the Divine Love that is God, The Creator, The Universe, Jehovah ……….; that when we share from a place of love then great joy and peace can be found.
  •  The Bible is a story book, one of the many voices of Universal Wisdom and because of much translation probably does not convey the complete accuracy of the authors’/creators’ intention.
  • I do not watch news programmes or read newspapers generally as I choose not to invite negativity into my experience.  If and when I am aware of disasters, natural or manmade, war or illness then I choose to open my heart and send love to all experiencing suffering and hardship as well as any perpetrators.  That way I am not adding to their suffering with my tears, pain, frustration or anger.

These answers were out of necessity short but what was interesting was the reactions of the two men.  The elder of the two men who had his arms around a young boy of about six or seven smiled, gave me eye contact the whole time and nodded and said that I seemed happy with my life whereas the other man was intent on giving his message via the pages in his pamphlet and gave me short bursts of eye contact in between choosing his next page/leaflet to show me.  The man with the ‘message’ asked if he could come back and discuss the Bible with me another time.  I said I would be delighted which I think took him aback but I will wait and see if he returns.

I was 14 years old when I decided that organised religion was too narrow for me.  What I have chosen after many hours of meditation and soul searching is to be at peace with where I am and also where others are too.

Remembering never ends and is a constant adventure.

What I have remembered will serve me well if this man returns with his Bible for we are all connected and can work together in this human experience.  Many times in our history and in modern times wars have been fought because there are different beliefs and religious fervours separating us from each other.  This is not how this world is meant to be. 

I can only show what I know by being the Love I remember and  helping others feel my acceptance of where they are in their remembering.  This does not mean I will not discuss my own beliefs just that I will choose not to preach it as the right way and make others’ the wrong way because that is where separation surely holds us in its grip.

So I will accept and love the Jehovah’s Witness as my soul brother and I will pray that he always has peace in his heart and understands that separation by whatever means is the manmade dis-ease of this world of unity. 

I send my love to you all ♥♥♥


Peace is not always a calm place, peace can be dynamic and fun filled too.

Peace is the opposite of troubled and when we can go through and see life from an inner peaceful perspective born from our own awareness and conscious living then we experience life in glorious HD technicolour.

I love you all.

Universal Law

When we are individually happy, joyful and at peace we contribute the greatest gift to this planet, humanity and ourselves.

Universal Law is working perfectly in all our lives. It is the way of energy flow and, as Einstein proved all those years ago, everything is energy in constant movement or vibration allowing it to be seen or felt dependent on the rate of vibration.

The misconception often is that it (Law of Attraction) only relates to positives.

Whatever the energy of our thoughts, words and deeds will determine what we attract whether they are negatives or positives.  We are totally responsible for what we see and experience in our own individual world.

When we completely understand that Universal Law and learn how to use it to our advantage, it is the beginning of our journey to personal awareness and consciousness.

It is only then that we can become creative in our desires, always remembering that the Universe supports those desires that are for the ultimate ‘good of all’.

When more negative things happen or are experienced we can learn to look inside and see what thoughts of lack we may have been thinking that created it.  These are usually ‘back stories’ that our mind subconsciously repeats.

The contrast that we will always experience here is just that – no-one is doing bad things per se – we need those ‘less than’ experiences so that we can choose what we want more wisely.

When we can learn to experience the difficult times as sign posts which show us where our thinking has gone ‘off track’ we find we can no longer blame.  We find compassion for the situation that has shown us the way.  We can forgive ourselves for not deliberately thinking, and that is the power of personal realisation and true peace of mind.

When we are individually happy, joyful and at peace we contribute the greatest gift to this planet, humanity and ourselves.